Facelift is a cosmetic surgery that allows you to influence the soft tissues of the face and neck, successfully eliminates any manifestations of age-related changes, even if they are strongly pronounced.

Recently, there has been a marked increase in the number of men and women who seek help from plastic surgeons at Confidence Cosmetic Surgery Glasgow in order to improve their appearance. A young and well-groomed face in our time is the key to success in almost all areas of activity, so a circular facelift and neck lift is gradually becoming one of the most common plastic surgeries in Glasgow.

Unfortunately, the aging of the soft tissues of the face is inevitable and is part of the natural general biological changes of the body. First of all, the following anatomical structures are subject to involutionary reorganizations: the skin, the fatty body of the cheek, the superficial musculoaponeurotic system.

Age-related changes are largely due to a decrease in supporting collagen structures in soft tissues and the effect of gravity on them. As a result, the tissues sag down – eyebrows, upper and lower eyelids, cheeks. The infraorbital and nasolabial furrows are formed and deepened. Age-related changes also affect the neck – the skin becomes flabby, horizontal wrinkles are formed, the neck-chin angle disappears. The aging process of the soft tissues of the face can be accelerated by a variety of somatic diseases, harmful environmental factors and harmful habits. Thus, under the influence of a complex of causes, mimic wrinkles are formed in the area of the forehead, eyes, nasolabial, infraorbital furrows by the age of 40, the facial shape changes, and then it becomes clear that even professional beauty treatment is not enough.


As a rule, between the ages of 40 and 50, the skin of the face and neck is highly susceptible to stretching and sagging. Sometimes, due to individual characteristics, a serious appearance correction is required at an earlier age (premature aging at 30-35 years). Of course, there is also the non-surgical thread tightening method, but it works effectively when there is still no need to move large excess skin.

Indications for facelift surgery include:

  • Sagging of the forehead and eyebrows;
  • Wrinkles in the nose;
  • Ptosis;
  • Pronounced wrinkles in the temporal zygomatic region;
  • Lowering the outer corners of the eyes;
  • Deep vertical wrinkles on the cheeks;
  • Deep nasolabial folds;
  • Ptosis of soft tissues of the cheeks below the edge of the lower jaw;
  • Double chin;
  • Pronounced wrinkles and folds in the neck.


  • Severe diseases of internal organs;
  • Infectious diseases;
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Blood clotting disorders.
  • Preoperative patient preparation

2 weeks before the operation, do not take drugs that affect blood clotting (for example, aspirin, anti-cough drugs). A day before the operation, have light meals in small quantities. Do not eat or drink anything before the operation in the morning.


Circular face and neck lift is a long-term operation (4-5 hours) requiring general anesthesia – inhalation anesthesia. Lifting individual areas of the face, such as the forehead and eyebrows, may be performed under local anesthesia or intravenous anesthesia.


During the operation, due to the removal of excess skin and its tightening, strengthening of deep-lying muscular aponeurotic structures, it is possible to eliminate large folds, wrinkles, improve facial contours and correct age-related changes in the neck applying the liposuction method.

Endoscopic facelift

Endoscopic lifting is a modern facelift technique. All surgical procedures during endoscopic lifting are performed with thin fiber-optic endoscopes. Endoscopes are held under the skin through 4-5 micro incisions (up to 1 cm long) located on the scalp. Endoscopic facelift is usually used when tightening the skin of the upper third of the face. It can be used for individuals with minimal sagging of soft tissue.

Postoperative period

  • Hospital stay 2-3 days;
  • In the postoperative period, it is necessary to wear a special compression mask for a week;
  • Postoperative edema peaks at 2–3 days after surgery and subsides by the end of the first week;
  • Sutures in front of the auricles are removed after 6-7 days (for the formation of a flat inconspicuous scar), in the scalp – 10 days after surgery;
  • You can wash your hair a week after the operation, dye your hair – in a month;
  • A week after the operation, you can use decorative cosmetics;
  • After 10-14 days, the patient can return to his workplace;
  • You cannot play sports (heavy loads) for 1.5 months;
  • Sunbathing and sauna – in 1 month;
  • After 3-4 weeks, in order to achieve the best results, it is desirable to conduct a course of lymphatic drainage massage, a face massage is contraindicated until that time

The final result of the cosmetic surgery is formed by the end of the second month when the puffiness of the skin finally disappears.


The most likely complications include:

  • Edema of the skin of the face and bruises – mild with the use of fibrin glue;
  • Pigmentation of the skin – occurs in patients with sensitive and tender skin with intradermal hemorrhages, disappears on its own within six months after surgery;
  • Temporary hair loss around the skin incisions in the scalp, later their growth is restored.

Rare complications:

  • Postoperative bleeding -1%;
  • Necrosis of the edges of skin flaps – less than 1% (the risk of onset increases in chronic smokers and elderly patients);
  • Damage to the facial nerve branches;
  • Weakness of individual facial muscles – less than 1% (disappears on its own within 3-6 months);
  • Damage to the branches of the ear nerve, a temporary violation of the sensitivity of the earlobe – less than 1%;
  • Infection of postoperative wounds;
  • Hypertrophic scars occur when the patient has an individual tendency to form rough scars.


Circular facelift performed at Confidence Cosmetic Surgery will help patients look 7-8 years younger. The end result depends on the patient’s age, the initial state of the skin, the presence of associated diseases and bad habits, on the characteristics of the lifestyle (work, food, etc.). The same factors will determine the duration of the anti-aging effect after surgery. A repeated facelift can be performed at intervals of 5-10 years. Therapeutic cosmetic procedures significantly postpone the re-operation. Mesotherapy, photorejuvenation, lymphatic drainage massage and masks fix the result for many years and prevent the recurrence of ptosis of the soft tissues of the face and deep wrinkles.