Breast Enlargement Surgery

Each woman has her own ideas about the beauty of the breast and the proportions of the female body. One cannot ignore the factors of “fashion”. For several decades, the views on the beauty principles changed several times:

  • in the 70s and 80s, the standard was subtility and fragility of the constitution – artists and photographers praise a teenage woman with narrow hips and a small, barely noticeable breast.
  • in the 90s, long legs, slender waist and high breasts were placed to the rank of the standard.

Nowadays, stylists and fashion designers prefer ladies with a moderately sporty constitution.

Breast reduction or enlargement is based on personal ideas about the standards of proportions. Nevertheless, it is the female breast that is most vulnerable to a number of factors leading to the irretrievable loss of natural beauty.Breast Enlargement Surgery

In many women, small breasts cause not just a disorder, but serious complexes that negatively affect the psychological state. Especially, complexes are painful if there is a loss of elasticity of the mammary glands after a lactation period. In this case, only breast enlargement surgery with simultaneous correction of the shape can solve the problem of restoring external aesthetics look radically. Beautiful breasts return self-confidence to a woman, relieve depression and psychological discomfort.

Preparing for surgery

Breast enlargement is plastic surgery, taking into account the wishes of women regarding the size and shape of the breast. The physician must clearly understand what the patient expects. All important points are discussed at the preliminary consultations. After the mandatory diagnostic examinations, a surgical technique is chosen, with the help of which it is possible, in the best way, to achieve the stated goals without harming health. When planning breast augmentation surgery, anthropometric data is taken into account:

  • height;
  • the natural shape and volume of the mammary glands;
  • the location of the nipple-areola complex;
  • chest width.

Further, the state of the skin and fascial system, the severity of subcutaneous tissue, the condition of the muscular-ligamentous apparatus are examined. The surgeon must take into account the age and state of patient’s health, predict possible complications and features of the rehabilitation course. The purpose of plastic surgery, in addition to breast enlargement, is to create a beautiful breast that is in harmony with the female figure.

Types of implants used in plastic surgery

The essence of the method to enlarge the breast is reduced to the choice of surgical techniques and the type of implant, giving a certain form of the mammary gland. All the variety of endoprostheses used in aesthetic medicine is divided into 2 categories: products of round and anatomical (tear-shaped) implant. The round implant evenly increases the volumes of the upper and lower parts of the breast, makes the breast higher, with a pronounced decollete zone.

Tear-shaped forms of prostheses allow you to enlarge, to a greater extent, the lower part of the breast and reduce the severity of the space between the mammary glands. Anatomical models correct, but do not radically change the natural proportions.

The leading global companies specializing in the production of implants produce samples with different characteristics taken into account when modeling the breast before plastic surgery. The main parameters of the breast implant are:

  • surface type (smooth, rough);
  • base width (maximum width in the lower implant segment);
  • height profile (distance from the base to the highest point of the product);
  • internal structure (a type of silicone filler, features of barrier layers).

The quality of endoprostheses largely determines the aesthetics of the breast after surgery and the amount of time during which the woman gets used to the new condition.

  • axillary;
  • periareolar (the contour lines of the areola of the nipple-areola complex).
  • Each surgical technique has its own indications, advantages and certain disadvantages.

PIP implant prices in Glasgow

On average, the price for breast enlargement surgery depends on the individual preference of a woman. The procedure fee also includes the fee for an initial appointment, the preparation for the operation, the operation itself and post-operational care.

The average price in Glasgow for breast enlargement may vary from £3.500 – £7.000. This price may vary either increase or decrease after doctor’s consultation and examination.