What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are an injection product of a new generation to restore the lost volume of facial tissues without surgery and laser treatment. In aesthetic medicine, before the appearance of dermal fillers, mainly those methods were used that influenced the surface skin layer for facial rejuvenation and wrinkle correction. The improvements were achieved by peeling, laser exposure, and many other methods. Recent studies in the field of cosmetology have shown that an important component of rejuvenation is primarily to restore the lost volume.

This direction is called volumetric correction and becomes most significant when correcting changes associated with inadequate redistribution of soft tissue volume or its complete loss. Such changes are especially noticeable in the areas of nasolabial folds, nasolacrimal canal, and cheekbones.

In modern aesthetic medicine, the volumetric direction includes a sound scientific approach to the return of lost volume. Dermal fillers are new products that allow, without surgery, to return the volume of the facial tissues and achieve a sustainable rejuvenation effect. The vector of action of dermal fillers is aimed at smoothing not only superficial but also deep wrinkles, as well as skin folds without surgery or a hard impact on the surface skin layer.

The main advantage of such injections is a high rate of manifestation of a favorable effect, the desired result is noticeable almost immediately after the procedure is made. As dermal fillers use various substances of natural and artificial origin, the main of which is hyaluronic acid (HA).

dermal fillers

In the development of optimal dermal fillers, an advanced, safety-tested, thixotropic technology was applied. The essence of this technology is that the HA is modified to a hydrogel (polymer) resistant to degradation, insoluble in water, but having the same high degree of biocompatibility as the natural HA.

This technology of hyaluronic acid gel production result in dermal fillers very easily and quickly to be injected under the skin, and at the end of the injection process, they restore the original viscosity. At the same time, the duration of the gel action period and the stability of the drug in the tissues increases significantly.

What is thixotropy?

Thixotropy is the ability of a substance to lower the viscosity (to become liquid) from mechanical stress and to increase it (to thicken) at rest. Thixotropy is the ability of flexible substances to become liquid, and the inability of a liquid to solidify.

The thixotropic production technology is used for those liquids that ultimately have to be thick, but are delivered to the problem area in a liquid form (injection).

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