Body contouring is the procedure of giving the patient a more attractive silhouette by various methods (most often, removal of excess adipose tissue). Confidence Cosmetic Surgery Glasgow will make up an individual program of a balanced body line for you. Procedures can be combined to create the figure of your dreams. Even slim patients may have fat deposits in certain parts of the body that cannot be removed with the help of sports.

Body-contouring procedures


Arm surgery

Over the years, due to weight changes (a sharp drop or weight gain), people have stretch marks, excess skin and fat, in particular, flabbiness in the arms around the shoulders. There are two ways to correct this problem – liposuction and lifting. Liposuction removes excess fat. With the help of a facelift, you can tighten loose and sagging skin of the hands. The lifting procedure is used for the surgical removal of excess skin and fat on the upper part of the arms and is performed through a hidden incision along the inside of the arm. If the amount of excess skin and fat is not serious, then liposuction can be limited. Liposuction of the hands is done through a small incision made in the armpit and on the elbow.

Abdomen Liposuction

Excess fat is removed from the abdominal area and sides, which gives you a flat stomach with a beautiful body line and makes the waist more visible. If excess fatty tissue provokes sagging skin, abdomen lifting may be necessary. Small incisions are made on the navel and below the waistline in front and behind. Any residual scars are small and may be hidden underwear.


This procedure combines liposuction and abdominoplasty. Abdominoplasty will help you become the owner of a slender and flat stomach. Liposuction removes excess fat, and abdominoplasty corrects excess skin and muscle strain (after pregnancy or obesity).

Thigh Liposuction

This is an excellent method for those who want to have more slender hips. During the procedure, excess fat is removed from the hips, creating a more slender body line. Small incisions are made below the buttocks, below the knee and on the inside of the thigh. Fat is removed, minor scars remain that are easily hidden by clothing.

Cheek Liposuction

Excessive fat in the cheeks can create the appearance of a swollen, rounded face. Removing this fat will help reduce and significantly improve facial contour. Fat tissue is removed through an intraoral incision (1.5 cm), without leaving visible scars. For quick and easy recovery, absorbable sutures are used in the procedure.

Facial Liposuction

Some people have excess fat on their face, even those having a slim body. Excessive fatty tissue can cause a double chin, as well as make your face look older. Facial liposuction removes excess fat in the lower jaw area. A small incision is made under the chin and behind the ears, leaving no noticeable scars. Adipose tissue is melted with a laser or ultrasound equipment and then removed with liposuction.


Lipofilling is an injection of adipose tissue. Most often, such injections are made in the thighs and chest. Volume can also be added to any area of the body, such as the arm, calf, and thigh. In comparison with the filler and the implant, the transplantation of adipose tissue can give the most natural result. Adipose tissue is taken from parts of the body that contain excess fat (such as the stomach, sides, and inner thighs). The collected adipose tissue is cleaned and injected with a small needle into a place requiring an increase in volume.

Ultrasound plastic of the body

Due to the high-intensity ultrasound equipment at Confidence Cosmetic Surgery, adipose tissue melts under the skin without surgery. This procedure guarantees a reduction of up to 3 cm in one one-hour procedure. Since this procedure eliminates any surgical incisions, recovery time is not required. You can immediately return to the usual way of life. Ultrasound waves pass through the skin, leaving no scars or skin damage. Ultrasonic energy penetrates deep into fatty tissue and melts fat.