Lip Fillers: Some Facts

Lip fillers are drugs that are used as injections. You can change the shape, the volume of lips with their help. The composition of such substances may contain hyaluronic acid, bovine collagen, various additives of synthetic origin and many other substances.Lip Fillers_ Some Facts to Know

The main thing is to choose the right filler

The choice of fillers depends solely on the goals you have. The best lip fillers contain hyaluronic acid – a natural substance for the human body, the purpose of which is to deliver nutrients to the cells, helping the skin to maintain its natural smoothness and softness.

Among the most famous brands of fillers there are:

  • Juvederm Ultra (suitable for significantly increasing the volume of the lips and giving them a new shape);
  • Restylane Silk (thinner fillers for providing slight elasticity of the lips);
  • Belotero (another good option for natural lip enlargement);
  • Juvederm Volbella ( the newest filler, the thinnest but promising twice longer effect).

Fillers give a temporary effect

Any fillers increase the lips for about 5-6 months, after which the result will become less and less obvious. So if you decide to have such a procedure, it is important to understand that you will have to repeat it regularly.

Some preparation is required

It is important to stop taking aspirin, ibuprofen, cod liver oil, and vitamin E one week before the injection to minimize bruises, as these drugs thin the blood. Many cosmetologists add alcohol to this list. If your skin is prone to bruising, then, most likely, such manifestations cannot be avoided. However, modern cosmetology equipment allows you to avoid negative effects by using red and blue light.

Swelling is inevitable

It is unlikely that you can go to a business lunch or a dinner party immediately after the procedure – swelling and small hematomas are inevitable. Your dermatologist can offer you a steroid, prednisone, tablets that you need to take on the day of the injection and the day after. It is good to use ice to relieve inflammation. And the most gentle massage of lips surface will reduce the risk of lumps.

Fillers are not suitable for everyone

The procedure for increasing the fillers may not be the best choice for patients who seek to reduce the space between the lower part of the nose and lips. A good alternative would be a lip lifting – a procedure that is also carried out in a beautician office under local anesthesia and involves lifting of the upper lip. Do not forget about the individual intolerance of various kinds of medical components – be sure to warn the doctor about this at the consultation and take an allergic reaction test to minimize the risks.