How Do Men React on Plastic Surgery?

plastic-surgeryIn the desire to please men, women use any possible means. The plastic surgeon’s scalpel is just one of the ways to quickly make yourself “beautiful”. Fast is the keyword. The fast results won’t be achieved due to diets, exhausting exercise, waiting for the result for years. The question is different: is it worth it? It has the goal of all these “magical” transformations to be achieved.

It is no secret that quite often, men express the opinion that “natural beauty” is super, and there is no “plastic” next to it. Of course, now we are not talking about cases when the operation was done for medical reasons. But when a woman “goes on the knife” to become a “beauty” from “just pretty”, this is the reason for the discussion.

Plastic surgery and male instincts

Of course, male attention attracts women with a beautiful bright appearance. Decollete, in which you do not need to look in, but you can admire from a distance, sensual lips, inviting lines of hips – all this attracts and, of course, leaves no one indifferent. Do I want this woman to be with me? Of course, yes! But until a certain point. It’s nice to “go out into the world” with such a woman, have sex, go to rest, but I won’t call her in marriage. I cannot say it happens at the level of instincts.

Plastic surgery and a woman

There is another argument against the “plastic”. Unfortunately, services are not always represented by professionals. Therefore, the result can be quite different from what you have imagined. But what to say, even if well-known public people suffer from poor-quality plastic surgery? Women can stop in their movement towards their intended goal. Especially if this goal is the beauty. But one small detail can spoil the whole picture – the lack of a sense of proportion.

When on the face, except for the lips pumped by Botox, you no longer notice anything, or when the breast has already appeared from around the corner, and its owner only after a few minutes … And, my dears, this is no longer erotic, it’s just ridiculous. But “plastic” is a temporary effect. Yes, even the highest quality implants may have to be changed. The skin is still aging, and wrinkles will appear, despite the fillers. New operations, new interventions in your fragile organisms will be required that are not making you younger.

Plastic surgery and men

Recently, men, having overcome their natural fear of operations, also began to seek help from plastic surgeons. Plastic surgery, no matter what, is very, very popular. And it suggests that not everything is as gloomy as it may seem. I will not speak for everyone, but my personal opinion regarding plastic surgery is rather positive. But, like any irreversible action, the surgery must be done after careful consideration, taking into account all possible consequences and without fanaticism. You will always have time to make plastic surgery.