Mole or Lesion Removal

Any lesions, mole or skin tags can be removed for cosmetic reasons if you wish.

Some lesions may need to be removed surgically in theater and can involve a variety of techniques from simple biopsies to more complex surgical excisions. The particular technique used in your case may depend on your surgeon’s preference, the size and/or position of the mole. Your consultant will discuss all the procedure with you and recommend what will be best in your situation.

The most common skin tags, lesions or mole can be removed as an out patient, using no or local anaesthetic. It is our policy for all removed tissue to be sent to a laboratory in order to determine whether or not any further treatment is required. The laboratory fee will be included in the price of your procedure.


Your surgeon will remove the lesions completely by using a scalpel to cut the mole out of your skin. Your surgeon will cut this out in an elliptical shape as it is easier to stitch up. If the mole is thought to be cancerous your surgeon will attempt to remove a healthy border of skin and tissue around it. This is to attempt to stop any cells remaining or infecting others.

Excision Benign Lesions 

Benign Lesions are types of moles, warts, skin tags or other lesions which are not suspicious and not cancerous. The excision technique used to remove these can be a simpler procedure than if a lesion is suspicious.

Excision suspicious skin lesion and local flap

An excision of a suspicious lesion and local flap involves an excision of the lesion. Then your surgeon will use a piece of skin and underlying tissue that is located near the lesion. The flap remains attached at one end so that it continues to be nourished by its original blood supply and is re-positioned over the wounded area.

Excision suspicious lesion and direct closure 

An excision of a suspicious lesion and local flap involves an excision of the lesion. The wound area is then sealed using the skin around the area or with stitches.

Your consultant will discuss the correct procedure suitable to you at your initial consultation.

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