Torn Earlobe, Split Earlobe or Expanded Earlobe Repair

Torn or Split Earlobes

Earlobes can be torn due to a injury or after wearing heavy earrings for a period of time. Earlobes can be completely torn or the pierced hole widened.

Repair of a torn or split earlobe is a very common and straightforward procedure. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic in one our Out patient treatment rooms by a Consultant plastic Surgeon.  You will firstly be required to have an Initial consultation with a surgeon to discuss whether this is a treatment suitable to you.

Expanded Earlobes

In recent years it has become popular to expand your earlobes to wear fashionable accessories called plugs. There is a point where your ears are expanded so large that they will not return to their normal size and surgery is required. This procedure is similar to split earlobe repair. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic in the Out Patient treatment room. The procedure involves the torn skin edges to be cut and removed, then fresh edges stitched back together. Stitches will need to stay in place for one to two weeks depending on your consultants guidance.


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