Neck Lift Surgery

As you age the area under your chin may become loose and begin to sag. You may develop excess skin (turkey neck) or you may just feel your neck is too heavy. You may have lost a great deal of weight but are still left with a skin under your chin (double chin). If any of these issues seem familiar a neck lift alone or as part of a face lift may help you resolve this.

There are many methods of neck lift surgery. Your consultant plastic surgeon will recommend which method is most suited to you.

Traditional Neck Lift

A neck lift procedure generally takes from 1- 3 hours and is carried out under general anesthetic. Your consultant plastic surgeon will remove any excess skin or fat under your chin, achieving a smoother more defined look. Bands of skin and lines can be removed by accessing a tightening the neck muscles through very small incisions. It is also very likely for your surgeon to use liposuction.

Depending on the complexity of the procedure you will most likely be in the hospital overnight.

Neck Lift Using Endotine Anchors

A neck lift using endotine anchors also known as a ribbon lift can be carried out as a stand along procedure or together with a facelift, depending on the look you require.  The procedure is carried out by your surgeon  making small undetectable incisions in your hairline or behind your ear. Your surgeon will then make a space between the skin and deeper tissues. Your surgeon will then attached the ribbon to the deeper tissue to keep it in place. This then allows your surgeon to elevate, shape and tighten the tissue beneath the skin to achieve the desired look.  The opposite end of the ribbon is attached to underlying strong tissue to hold it in place. Any excess skin is then removed and the small incisions closed.

I-GUIDE Chin/Neck Lift

The i-guide or trampoline neck lift is less invasive to the traditional neck. The technique involves your surgeon stitching a suture back and forth across the jaw line similar to a shoestring. This creates a hammock0like platform beneath the skin. The strings of this hammock are then tightened and secured, raising the skin and with it the underlying muscle. Tightening these areas leaves a smoother more defined neck and jaw line.

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