Chin Surgery

Chin surgery can involve reshaping, changing position or to adding volume to the chin depending on what look you are trying to achieve. Chin surgery can be carried out as a single procedure, or with other jaw of facial surgery. You consultant will discuss with you, your desired look and then help you make a decision to what procedures would be best for you.

Genioplasty (Chin Reshaping)

Chin reshaping also known as a Genioplasty is a procedure carried out to reshape or change position of your chin. There are several types of Genioplasty:

Horizontal Chin Lift

People who find that their chin overhangs often opt for a horizontal Genioplasty. This method reduces the overhang of the chin by removing some of the chin bone or sliding the chin bone backwards. Similar to this patients who find their chin to be sunken in can have a horizontal Genioplasty where the chin is built out by adding to the bone of sliding the bone forward.

Vertical Chin Lift

People who find their chin is too short or long can have a vertical Genioplasty. The chin will be increased of decreased by adding or removing bone.

Combination Chin Lift

Some people may opt to have both a horizontal and vertical Genioplasty to change different aspects of their chin.

A Genioplasty procedure is carried out under general anesthetic. The length of the procedure will entirely depend on the complexity and the volume of reshaping required. Your consultant plastic surgeon will make a small incision inside your mouth or just under the chin. Depending on what level of correction is required they will add to or remove the bone to gain the desired result.

Chin Augmentation (Chin Implant)

A chin augmentation using implants can be used to reshape the chin area. The procedure similar to that of a Genioplasty involves a bio-compatible implant being placed over the bone structure of the lower jaw to add dimension and volume. Depending on which area augmented you can achieve a stronger and/or wider chin and even lengthen your face.

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