Brow Lift (Forehead Lift)

Brow lift techniques can lift the brow, leading to wrinkle removal and uplift of the eyebrow position. Techniques can involve endoscopic, minimal access or open surgery and this procedure is now commonplace in facial rejuvenation surgery. Brow lift procedures are often combined with eyelid surgery, depending on the precise effect desired. Benefits of this surgery include facial rejuvenation and a reduction in the look of severity which can be associated with a heavy or drooping brow. Some techniques can be performed with local anaesthetic alone.

Skin above the eyes often starts to droop as we get older, often referred to as the hood effect, this can makes eyes look tired. Brow lift surgery can rectify this and open up your eye area once again. It involves lifting the brow and tightening the muscles and loose skin which reduces the excess fatty tissue. Although brow lift procedures are most commonly carried out for cosmetic purposes, drooping brows and eye lids can affect vision in extreme cases.

The brow lift procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic and takes between one and two hours to complete depending on the technique used.

There are two different techniques of brow lift, an open brow lift and an endoscopic brow lift.

Open Brow Lift

An open brow lift involves your surgeon making an incision from one ear, along the hairline to your other ear. The surgeon will then carefully separate the skin on your upper face from the tissue underneath. They will then work on reducing or tightening of the muscle and any excess skin removed.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

An endoscopic brow lift is a procedure in which your surgeon makes three to five incisions in various locations on the scalp. Through these incisions a small thin plastic tube and tiny camera is inserted. The images taken with this are shown on a live screen in theatre, allowing your surgeon to operate on the muscles and fatty tissue.

Brow Lift with Endotine Anchors

An open or endoscopic brow lift can be carried out using Endotine anchors. A Endotine implant is inserted into the area under the brow and anchored on the arch bone. The brow is then fixed tightly into a new position creating a smoother, wrinkle free look.

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