Blepheroplasty (Eye lids or Eye Bags)

Surgery on the upper or lower eyelids can be successful at reducing wrinkled skin and puffiness. Standard techniques aim to remove skin, muscle or fat depending on the precise requirements of each patient. This can reduce the impression of tiredness associated with excess eyelid tissue and bags under the eyes. Techniques offered can address excess skin and fat in both upper and lower eyelids and can be combined with either conventional facelift or minimal access mid-face lifts. Removal of eye bags using a ‘no scar’ technique can also be offered to suitable patients.

Blepheroplasty Procedures

These Blepheroplasty procedures can be carried out as a stand alone procedure but in many cases are combined with other elements of facial surgery, and can be done either under general anaesthetic or as an outpatient procedure under local anaesthetic to treat more minor problems or abnormalities. Your consultant will advise you and what type of surgery will best meet your specific requirements.

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