Free Cosmetic Surgery Advisory Service

In keeping with the founding principles of Confidence Cosmetics we are delighted to announce a new service within our portfolio which now offers you the opportunity to discuss cosmetic surgery options with one of our team at no cost.

For many women in particular, this may be one of the biggest lifestyle and healthcare decisions they ever make and at Confidence we want to ensure this is a decision that you make having all the information available.

Our service is led by Frances Turner Traill who has over 25 years of experience in this field and has been a pioneer in service development in this area, working with several of Scotland’s Health Boards and the Scottish Executive.

Frances works as a dedicated resource at The Nuffield Hospital in Glasgow and is a trained nurse who has extensive knowledge of what procedures are available and what can be achieved through cosmetic surgery. It is not always the best option and realistic expectations of what can be achieved must be set from the outset.

Experienced Plastic Surgeon’s

Many of the high street companies that offer cosmetic surgery have a limited number of surgeons available and may not offer the full range of services locally and in some cases the person that you may be talking with will be a sales person not a clinician. Our service offers you access to 9 of the most experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeon’s in Scotland and if surgery is the right option for you Frances will talk you through the available procedures and guide you to the surgeon that best suits your needs.

The decision to go ahead with any form of surgery must be your decision and yours only, all we can offer is advice, guidance and the support you need to make that decision.

If you need advice on any aspect of Plastic or Cosmetic surgery please contact Frances and she will invite you in and talk you through your options at no cost to you.

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