Mastopexy (Breast Uplift)

Mastopexy surgery can be of benefit to women who have noticed drooping (or ptosis) of the breast, often following weight loss or breastfeeding. Mastopexy surgery is being considered by an increasing number of women, and refinements in technique now mean that results are much more predictable than in the past. Several techniques are available including minimal scar techniques, tailored to the precise needs of each subject. Mastopexy surgery can be combined with breast implant insertion for further enhancement of the breast.

Breast Uplift Procedure

If you feel you have heavy, sagging breasts, or your breasts have changed shape a mastopexy can change this. A mastopexy (breast uplift)  involves the removal of excess skin and possibly the raising of the nipple and surrounding area into a higher position as part of the reshaping of the breast. This is designed to raise, reshape and firm your breasts, restoring them to a more youthful position and increasing your confidence in your body shape.

The breast uplift procedure usually lasts around two hours or more. You will usually receive a general anaesthetic, and can expect to stay overnight. We recommend you take two weeks off work to recover from your procedure.

Mastopexy Procedure

During your mastopexy procedure your consultant will make several small incisions on your breasts. The specific number of incisions will differ depending on the technique used by your surgeon. When the procedure is finished the cuts are closed with stitches and your breasts will be wrapped in a special supportive dressing or bra. Small plastic tubes may be left in each breast for up to 48 hours afterwards. These allow blood and fluid to drain into a bag.

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