Fat Transfer to Breast

Fat transfer or fat grafting has been used in many areas of the body, which have lost volume, to enhance and reshape the area.  The technique involves fat being harvested from one part of the body most commonly the abdomen, processed and the transferred into the area in which is to be enhanced.

It has become more popular for fat transfer to be used in the breast area to enlarge the breasts.

Natural Breast Enlargement

This form of breast enlargement uses your own body tissue to enhance the area rather than an implant. A fat transfer procedure leaves virtually no scarring as it is non invasive. Small 1-2mm incision at the points where fat will be harvested and where it is injected will be made. In order for the procedure to be successful that fat has to survive in the area. It is thought that around 70% of the injected fat survives whilst 30% is lost. This differs from individual to individual and your consultant will discuss in more detail at your consultation.  The fat that survives is there for life, which is why it is often refereed to as a ‘natural’ breast augmentation. 

Fat transfer to the breast area is only suitable to certain individuals. Only a modest increase in size will be seen, and this modest increase requires a lot of fat to be harvested, therefore is not suited to those who are very slim. Your consultant will also assess your family history of breast cancer before proceeding with this procedure.

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