Emma’s Story

Emma is due to have an abodminoplasty and arm lift with surgeon Mrs Eva Mithoff in July, watch this space for her after story.

Emma’s Family and Lifestyle

I am married with 4 children: my oldest son is 25 and my youngest daughter is 15. I have always promoted healthy eating with them and encouraged them to exercise but I failed to do this myself.

After having my fourth child in 1997 my weight started to creep up. My life was very busy and I didn’t have much free time as I tried to balance looking after the children, the house and working full time. When I did find I had any spare time the last thing I wanted to do was exercise and instead settled into a very sedentary lifestyle. Year after year my weight generally increased and any effort to lose weight was short term.

The result of this unhealthy lifestyle was that I lacked energy and enthusiasm in general.  My weight problem has affected every aspect of my life. I used to dread going to social occasions, as I literally had nothing to wear. My attitude was that I am fat, what is the point in trying to wear nice clothes or look after myself, if you’re fat you’re fat nothing can disguise it. My husband tried to point this out to me in a sensitive way and was very supportive but even although I understood his point of view, and I wanted to lose weight, I found I just couldn’t do it and all my attempts failed.  I knew I had to lift myself out my apathy and do something.

A big turning point for me was when my children started to think their mum couldn’t take part in any activities on holiday. I always made excuses for not doing things and I felt embarrassed because even any small exertion had me struggling for breath. I decided that I needed a complete change of lifestyle and I joined Curves. The staff were brilliant and gave me some excellent advice on healthy diet and exercise. It was very difficult at first but as soon as I started to lose weight, exercising got easier and I started to enjoy it. After a couple of months I had lost 30 pounds but my shape had also changed and I was more toned. This gave me much more energy and encouragement to continue. After a while it became second nature and my routine involved going to curves a few times each week. When work pressures meant that I wasn’t able to make the gym I exercised on my cross trainer at home, which had been lying gathering dust for a while. Each time I got a weigh and measure the results were delightful and over the period of a year I managed to lose 120 pounds and have gone from a size 20 to a size 10.

I used to hate shopping for clothes and most of the time shopped online since stores very rarely stocked anything in my size. I now love shopping for clothes and it’s a pleasure to buy new outfits in normal shops. I have so much more energy and my fitness has improved tremendously. My children now find it difficult to keep up with all the activities I want to do.

Looking back now I feel that big part of  the last 15 years have, on the whole, been wasted and could have been better if I had pulled myself together quicker.  I did not have as much fun with my family as I would have liked when my children were growing up.

When I look in the mirror I still can’t quite believe that it’s me starring back! I have a few wobbly bits but I still look and feel 100 times better that I have felt in the last 15 years. I have made a promise to myself that I will never forget the affects being overweight had on my family and me and never want to be in that position again. I have made a change to my lifestyle and the change is life long.

One of the consequences of losing so much weight is the excess skin I now have and although my muscles are toned from doing regular exercise I still have issues with excess skin in places. I have a double apron where the excess skin on my abdomen just hangs loose and my breast are a bit empty and aren’t quite as perky as they once were. I look reasonably okay in clothes but I have to be very careful about what I wear. I still wouldn’t be able to wear short sleeved tops since I have a lot of excess skin around my arms.

One of the rewards I want to give myself after my achievement is to have the excess skin removed.  This involves having two types of surgery; an abdominoplasty, and a brachioplasty which will be done together under general anaesthetic. My plan is to have a mastopexy done at some time in the future.

I am looking forward to celebrating this summer with my family and enjoying the sun where I won’t be ashamed of myself and my family can enjoy my new found Confidence Cosmetic Surgery Glasgow

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